Frame Style Consultation

When it comes to choosing and measuring your glasses, our experienced staff of Dispensing Opticians will ensure you go away with the best possible vision solution available in the whole of the industry. We pride ourselves on that fact our team is made up of qualified staff therefore ensuring the highest professional standards at all times.

As an independent optician we have thousands of frames, colours and styles to choose from. We offer designer frames which not available to high street chains, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, come and see us.

We pride ourselves on our frame selection and we are moving towards working with frame manufacturers who specialise in producing just spectacles frames.

Rather than working with large designer brands who specialise in other things and only add their name as a licence to a frame design charging a premium for it, we believe in quality and style from independent manufacturers.

Whatever your looking for, our passionate and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to talk you through your options and offer impartial opinions if you’d like.

We don’t push the most expensive option. We don’t try and bamboozle you with offers. We simply help find, fit and produce the right glasses for you.

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